Sad days

Looking through my blog, I found this entry, from about 7/8 months ago.

Why am I mentioning it. Well, I finish work tonight to find out that the Paper Mill was set on fire, and is basically destroyed.

This is something which marks the history of the town I grew up in. I always like the olf building, and how its two chimneys looked over everything. After a fire which lasted over 5 hours, the place is destroyed. 1914, the building was made, it was 96 years old, and it’s gone. This is weird, because I feel this sense of loss. I mean it was a building, none of my family ever worked there, why should I be upset?

Reccently I have really come to appreciate where I live, because of the countryside, and because of the history. History is what make places different, it gives places a sense of purpose. But at the moment, the powers that be, seem to be set on building houses on top of everything. That was what was supposed to happen to the site where the paper mill was sited. It was supposed to be flattened and turned into housing. Housing, not for the people of Fife, but for Edinburgh snobs. *sigh*

Anyways, the owners have been wanting it flattened for years. And it is suspected that it is an inside job, with the council stalling, as people wanted to turn it into a historical center. The owners had to pay for security, so the burned it down, and made the decision a lot easier.

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