Picture Time

 I have been super lazy over Christmas, as usually I go for a long walk around the local area. This year, I have sat at home, watched too much TV and ate my weight in chocolate. In a bid to try and give myself some energy, I thought I’d go for a walk in Dunfermline, and took some pictures. My legs were tired afterwards, but it was a nice day for a walk, and the Park in town was super busy. I like seeing that other people are out and about too. 

Town Clock, Dunfermline


Andrew Carnegie Statue, Pittencrieff Park, Dunfermline


Plaque on Andrew Carnegie Statue
Wee saying at the playpark in Pittencrieff Park, Dunfermline. Much of the playpark was burnt down many years ago, so the words are apt.

House of Pittencrieff, Pittencrieff Park, Dunfermline

Plaque on the House of Pittencrieff
Dunfermline Abbey, as viewed from Pittencrieff Park, Dunfermline

Looking at a very full river, that runs through Pittencrieff Park
The full river again, with a small bandstand overlooking it
There are a lot of bridges in Pittencrieff Park, as the different footpaths criss-cross one another.

The map of Pittencrieff Park, so you dont get lost

Out & About

Today I ventured outside with my new camera. The Canon PowerShot SX510 is a digital bridge camera, something that I wanted since I did a photography course at college many years ago. I like taking pictures, although I am not the best at it. But that is the good thing about hobbies, you do not have to be particularly good to do it, you just have to do something that you enjoy.

Anyways, I was to meet a friend today, and because I was in town early, I went for a walk down the main park in Dunfermline, Pittencrieff Park (also known as The Glen). It was a gift by Andrew Carnegie to the people of Dunfermline, the town of his birth, after he made his fortune in America in the steel industry. He also donated a library. gymnasium and concert hall to Dunfermline, and also various projects through the USA, particularly New York’s famous Carnegie Hall. Carnegie believed that one third of life should be spent learning as much as they can, the next third spent making as much money as he could. The last third of one’s life should then be spent giving earnings to worthwhile causes to better society. The Glen is one of my favourite places in my hometown, so I thought it was the perfect first trip out with my new camera.

IMG_0054 IMG_0055 IMG_0057 IMG_0058 IMG_0059 IMG_0060 IMG_0062 IMG_0068 IMG_0069

And then I ventured up to the Abbey, a building dating from the early 1200s. A beautiful place.

IMG_0072 IMG_0073 IMG_0074 IMG_0075 IMG_0076 IMG_0078

The one thing that struck me as strange, was the number of squirrels about. I am sure that the squirrels used to hibernate, but the mild winter and constant food from visitors mean that they haven’t done so in years. Visitors are encouraged to bring nuts and seeds to the park to feed the birds over the winter, and the squirrels feed off them. And because they get food of people, they have no fear and can come right close to you.


History: A Person’s Duty To Know

I am of the belief that people should go to the effort to understand history of the world, be it from a TV programme or books. It helps a person appreciate where they have come from, and the life that they live. Because without the people before us, the world would be different. And I think that everyone should learn how we got to this stage in civilisation. It really does bring about a perspective on what ever problems a person feels they have, when they watch how difficult people before us had things.

The reason this topic has come into my mind, is because I have been watching programmes on the Berlin Wall. Something which was almost used like a weapon in the Cold War. It is astonishing to think that a city could be split in two, and then a massive wall built around one of the halves. Families were split up, and hundreds of people were killed trying to breach the wall. And what is even more astonishing, is that this wasn’t that long ago. The wall was built in 1961, and started to come down in 1989. Can you imagine being separated from people you love for that long. Berlin has been a united city for only 22 years.

I don’t know about anyone else, but that makes me feel so privileged, and actually makes me feel guilty. People died so that we can experience the freedoms we enjoy so readily. And I feel, that people should at least, learn about such events, to learn where our freedoms have come from. And it does make you feel grateful for what you have in your life.

It doesn’t cost anything to learn, and people should employ the resources we have, to try and learn something everyday.

Sad days

Looking through my blog, I found this entry, from about 7/8 months ago. https://sueriot.wordpress.com/2010/03/11/my-home-its-where-im-fae/

Why am I mentioning it. Well, I finish work tonight to find out that the Paper Mill was set on fire, and is basically destroyed.

This is something which marks the history of the town I grew up in. I always like the olf building, and how its two chimneys looked over everything. After a fire which lasted over 5 hours, the place is destroyed. 1914, the building was made, it was 96 years old, and it’s gone. This is weird, because I feel this sense of loss. I mean it was a building, none of my family ever worked there, why should I be upset?

Reccently I have really come to appreciate where I live, because of the countryside, and because of the history. History is what make places different, it gives places a sense of purpose. But at the moment, the powers that be, seem to be set on building houses on top of everything. That was what was supposed to happen to the site where the paper mill was sited. It was supposed to be flattened and turned into housing. Housing, not for the people of Fife, but for Edinburgh snobs. *sigh*

Anyways, the owners have been wanting it flattened for years. And it is suspected that it is an inside job, with the council stalling, as people wanted to turn it into a historical center. The owners had to pay for security, so the burned it down, and made the decision a lot easier.

My home- it’s where I’m fae

So, these last few days of taking my camera everywhere is going ok, and I am taking about 20-30 images a day. Its a variety of stuff too.

Some things just humour me. And I am finding that most people don’t share my sense of humour. I mean, take the image above, I was walking through Inverkeithing (where I live) and I saw that street sign. I found it so funny. Odd, that I have lived in the same town for the majority of my life, and had no idea that a ‘Fair Place’ existed. The ironic thing is, that there is about 3 houses full of benenfit cheats living on that street. I guess thats why it made me laugh. Actually I laughed so hard, I got a few bewildered looks off people.

Due to missing my bus, I went down to the local park, somewhere I haven’t spent a lot of time since I was younger. And it made me completely happy.

I mean, it was such a nice day. ^^This is the museum. It is somewhere I would like to go in, because I haven’t been in it since I was at school. It tells a lot about the history of the town, and shows the importance of ship building in the area. Whilst Rosyth Dockyard, was used to build the ships, Inverkeithing, was commonly used to help break down ships, and prepare them for refurbishment at Rosyth. I know it’s very geeky, but I love local history, and think everyone should know about where they live.

Looking over the park, you can see the old un-used paper mill. After the shipyard became less used, the papermill was built in 1914. This was used untill 2003, when a dip in the market lead to a closure of the mill, and a loss of 150 jobs. Sad days, and to date, the chimney stacks still stand tall, with the wonderful backdrop of the Firth of Forth behind it. Unfortunately, plans have been suggested to flatten the mill and make it into housing. I personally, would love to see the Mill refurbished, and used as a museum for paper making. It’s too beautiful a building to kill, and I think it would be a dramatic loss to Inverkeithing when it does go. I think it should be protected, but I guess only time will tell.

Reliving my childhood

As I have said, I spent most of my life in Inverkeithing, and this used to be one of my favourite parts of the park. Originally these dark enclosures where used as jails. As a kid, I remember hearing stories about monsters living in them, and that if you spent too much time looking at their ‘home’, they would eat you. It added this sense of adventure to this area, and I remember sitting on the grass eating a ‘chippy’ during school lunch times.

It’s like looking into a black hole. When I was younger, it looked like it went on forever, but now I can see the ground. I must have had some imagination.

I also remembering racing my little brother up these stairs. It was great fun. Looking round it all, made me feel really nostalgic, and genuinely miss being a kid. It also made me realise how long it must have taken people to build the old walls and stairways, because they are all so unique. I mean, walls these days, tend to be made of exact size bricks, etc. Different sizes of normal rocks and boulders where used to make walls, and that must have been a lot more difficult.

Ok, that had slightly less structure, than I planned, but that’s what happens when I get excited about things.

Brand This.

I have thought a lot recently (wow). About how advertisements have become a huge part of our everyday lives. I mean every thing which has a logo, is there to identify and promote that product. Whether it’s the electrical company branded television in your front room, or the badge on the grill of your car. It is all advertising that product to other people, to get the name stuck in your head.

I mean I can tell you now that I am typing this blog on an HP keyboard, and viewing it on a Compaq monitor. Companies have always wanted their products to be identified as their products. Now, in this simplified form, it makes sense. If you put a product out into the public domain, you want people to know you made it.

So this comes down to everything, from buses to pencils, from microchips to microwaves. A brand name is there, to provided easy identification of a product or service. What ever you use has identification of some kind branded on it. On things like televisions, the branding tends to be just off the line of vision, as although your eyes aren’t focused on it, your mind still absorbs the information. This is a popular tactic with logos, apply them in places which will it noticed. This is why you have branded clothing labels and tv channels, with the small symbol in the corner.

Because these logos, are something which are not actively promoted, there is no conscious thought process involved, and your brain takes in a lot more than you think. This is why logos and branding are so important to get right. Logos are the most important parts of advertising, get it wrong, and it shows your company in a negative light. Get it right, and it could become as well known as McDonald’s ‘golden arches’.

So as a designer, you need to be aware of what kind of message, the company in question, would like to convey. This is as relevant as the shape and colour of the logo, effects to how a person percieves the logo. A representation of one thing, goes as far back as the 17th Century, where a Coat of Arms, was used to classify a person. This was was a way of identifying one person from another, which is why people use logos for, for identification.

The main thing, which is needed when designing a good logo, is communication with your client. This makes sure that whatever you design, conveys the desired message. Its not doing what they say, its colaberating on it.