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I have tried to be honest when I write on here. And it has proven to be something very helpful when dealling with my mental health. Because I find it difficult to speak to people about what I am going … Continue reading

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For Attention

Have you heard ‘that’ retort, when you actually speak out about your mental health? The one that devalues every little thing that you feel. When someone says that you are ‘doing it for the attention’. It is the most frustrating … Continue reading

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Lone Ranger

I like my own company. I go for lunch myself, I spend entire days were I don’t really speak to anyone else. It’s good for my mental health a lot of the time, because I can focus on what suits … Continue reading

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Standing Still

I am getting really irritated about myself. I sometimes feel like I am making progress, with my mental health, but then just go backwards. It’s frustrating. For example, last week was really positive. I was in a really good mood, … Continue reading

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Lost Day

Today is Sunday, and it is the worst I have felt in quite a while. It has come from nowhere, which is probably one of the more frustrating parts. I don’t really know where this feeling came from, the feeling … Continue reading

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That is my Christmas organised. Everything is either already been given, or is sitting under the tree waiting to be opened. And it feels pretty great.  Today, I heard people complain on how Christmas is stressful, and they wish they … Continue reading

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Depression Diaries: Working Away

Depression is a strange thing to live with. For weeks at a time you can be struggling to even get up in the morning. It never really lifts, but there are days where I can put up with it, and … Continue reading

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