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Passion For Fashion (And Make-up)

I am a girl. And as a girl, I am supposed to like certain things such as make-up and fashion. Certain things I have no interest in. The internet deals with the conception that all female bloggers only talk about … Continue reading

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A Friend of Mine Just Found My Old Youtube Channel.

The Youtube channel I can no longer access, due to some reason or other. Basically I did loads of vlogs and videos and it’s now closed off. I tried to fix it, but it was easier to start a new … Continue reading

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Tech, fashion or fame?

I have been recently trying to find some new blogs to read. Since blogging is one of my favourite pastimes, I like to draw inspiration from them. Like, you can get ideas of how to make a blog interesting and … Continue reading

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BEDA= Blog Every Day in April

Pretty self explanatory, I think. It is something created by the internet community to get people writing a blog post every day. This isn’t reblogging something on tumblr, it is writing a substantial, more traditional, blog post that holds some … Continue reading

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Foreign Interests

How many times have you cursed the Anime and Manga fans who clog up book shops, or rolled your eyes at people pretending to be Japanese? As annoying it is, to see people looking at different cultures and favour them … Continue reading

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Resolve to blog?

As it is a new year, people resolve to do things such as blog. It is the same as attempting to keep a diary when you were at school, except it has moved onto the world wide web, so anyone … Continue reading

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Question: Why do I blog?

This is a question I get asked a lot, so I thought I would answer it today. I started a personal blog, almost 6 years ago, on livejournal. I was 20, and I think it was when I started struggling … Continue reading

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