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Happy Valentines


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Blue Monday?

It’s supposed to be the most depressing day of the year today. I don’t really understand the idea of dubbing a random day ‘the most depressing’. I have been reading a lot about mindfulness and how most of what we … Continue reading

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That’s That Then

So Christmas is done for another year. Usually there is a ‘come down’ after Christmas, as that big day that we have been building towards is over. And it feels strange that I don’t feel that usual ‘come down’.  My … Continue reading

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Disconnection Notice

It has recently been made abundantly clear that my, once passionate, love affair with the internet is going through a rough patch. I am becoming frequently frustrated to the point of putting my phone’s internet off, so that people can … Continue reading

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Little Bits of Happiness

*A morning walk *iPod on shuffle *Packed lunches *Soaks in the bath *Coffee and catch-ups with friends *Smelling freshly cut grass *Laughing at bad jokes *Getting into a new book *Getting into a new TV show *Being caught up with … Continue reading

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Love What You Have

The last week has lead to people looking around in shock after the terrible events in Connecticut. There is very little that people feel like they can do. All they can do is try to think about how they’d feel. … Continue reading

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Universally Speaking

I was sitting thinking, the other day about the blog post I did a few days ago, where I was talking about relationships. And despite me being rather cynical about love, you can’t deny that it is something that bypasses … Continue reading

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