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The Journey to White Deer Park

I am a bit of a bookworm. But in periods where I become a bit ‘stuck’, it can include finding it difficult to do hobbies, as well as create things. That means, i find it hard to relax to music … Continue reading

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Always Learning

There is a problem with education in this country. It has the habit of ruining things which a lot of pupils cam be passionate about. I know that when I was younger, I lost my love of reading, after being … Continue reading

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How I relax

I am a total stress-head about a lot of what happens every day. I can completely panic unnecessarily over nothing. I try to find one way to relax every d ay. Here is a few of my favourite things that … Continue reading

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Having Fun Isn’t Hard, When You Have A Library Card

Nothing beats reading a new book, particularly when the sun is out and you have a cool drink in your hand. That is what I have been doing today and it is my kind of heaven. A playlist of favourite … Continue reading

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Things Making Me Happy Right Now

1) Hot baths after long days at work. 2) A good book to get into, where I can read big sections at a time. 3) Watch a Disney movie, preferably one with lots of catchy songs. 4) Being early for … Continue reading

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(Not) Following Instructions

I like to think I am a very independently minded person, in that I am willing to go down a different path, if I feel it will work for me. I always have been a little like that. Did what … Continue reading

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Reading Material Abuse

I got a little bit of stick today. It was because I bought Company magazine. For those outwith the UK, or who are unfamiliar with the publication, it is a ‘Women’s Lifestyle’ magazine. Now a lot of these magazine’s get … Continue reading

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