It is said that people only think of themselves when they are in a crisis, and that only people who think of others should be rewarded. But that is human nature. We are born with something inside us, which is there to protect us from things we deem to be risky. We are criticised if we think the world revolves around ourselves, when in reality we CAN only observe that which goes on around us.

Obscure sentences, or valid point,s I don’t know, but the topics I mentioned above, are what I have been thinking about today. So I suppose I should explain myself a little bit.

The whole ‘fight or flight’ part of ourselves is something there to protect ourselves against danger. But in civilised society, we are taught that it is respectable to reject our instincts to protect those weaker than ourselves. But what does that bring to ourselves? A sense of worth, a sense of knowing that you have done right by someone. So it isn’t really for that person you protect them. Its for your own satisfaction, makes you feel good, gives you a buzz. Does that not make heroes completely selfish, because they do these ‘commendable acts’ for themselves. No different from anyone else.

In fact, is someone who does not allow themselves get bullied into ‘heroism’, and look after themselves, not more heroic. They get called selfish, when it is other people who intrude in others’ lives to make themselves feel better. Which one is more selfish, they are both looking for pleasure and a feeling of purpose, but only the ‘hero’ uses other people to get that feeling of worth.

**Note: that is what happen when I watch the ‘no such thing as an unselfish good deed’ episode of Friends. **

The second thing was this trend of calling someone selfish because they think the world revolves around them. How is that selfish? Of course the world as we know it, revolves around us, because we observe it from our olace. So you form your own opinions and looking at it from when you stand. This isn’t selfish to think others are there to help you, as that is how we automatically think of them, seeing all interaction we have with people usually involves talking to one another.

It is an automatic usumption with the lives that we lead, that we are to think things revolve around ourselves, so why should we be made to feel guilty about it. ‘Think about others first’ we are told, but why? In this life too many people pass the buck and like to blame their failure on others, and I think that this is just another way of doing that. It’s like passing all your aggravation onto other people. Because your life is so meaningless you have to use any excuse to berate another, perfectly happy person.

Sometimes I think I should just lock myself in my room and be a hermit.

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