Out & About Again (BEDA)

Today I was down the the public park in the town I live. Used to love going down their for a picnic when I was a kid. There is some ‘gates’ which looked like old prison cells, or that’s what we believed when at school. 



It’s great looking around where you live. I love taking a camera with me. It helps me realise that there are some nice things about living where I do.  

Sad days

Looking through my blog, I found this entry, from about 7/8 months ago. https://sueriot.wordpress.com/2010/03/11/my-home-its-where-im-fae/

Why am I mentioning it. Well, I finish work tonight to find out that the Paper Mill was set on fire, and is basically destroyed.

This is something which marks the history of the town I grew up in. I always like the olf building, and how its two chimneys looked over everything. After a fire which lasted over 5 hours, the place is destroyed. 1914, the building was made, it was 96 years old, and it’s gone. This is weird, because I feel this sense of loss. I mean it was a building, none of my family ever worked there, why should I be upset?

Reccently I have really come to appreciate where I live, because of the countryside, and because of the history. History is what make places different, it gives places a sense of purpose. But at the moment, the powers that be, seem to be set on building houses on top of everything. That was what was supposed to happen to the site where the paper mill was sited. It was supposed to be flattened and turned into housing. Housing, not for the people of Fife, but for Edinburgh snobs. *sigh*

Anyways, the owners have been wanting it flattened for years. And it is suspected that it is an inside job, with the council stalling, as people wanted to turn it into a historical center. The owners had to pay for security, so the burned it down, and made the decision a lot easier.

My home- it’s where I’m fae

So, these last few days of taking my camera everywhere is going ok, and I am taking about 20-30 images a day. Its a variety of stuff too.

Some things just humour me. And I am finding that most people don’t share my sense of humour. I mean, take the image above, I was walking through Inverkeithing (where I live) and I saw that street sign. I found it so funny. Odd, that I have lived in the same town for the majority of my life, and had no idea that a ‘Fair Place’ existed. The ironic thing is, that there is about 3 houses full of benenfit cheats living on that street. I guess thats why it made me laugh. Actually I laughed so hard, I got a few bewildered looks off people.

Due to missing my bus, I went down to the local park, somewhere I haven’t spent a lot of time since I was younger. And it made me completely happy.

I mean, it was such a nice day. ^^This is the museum. It is somewhere I would like to go in, because I haven’t been in it since I was at school. It tells a lot about the history of the town, and shows the importance of ship building in the area. Whilst Rosyth Dockyard, was used to build the ships, Inverkeithing, was commonly used to help break down ships, and prepare them for refurbishment at Rosyth. I know it’s very geeky, but I love local history, and think everyone should know about where they live.

Looking over the park, you can see the old un-used paper mill. After the shipyard became less used, the papermill was built in 1914. This was used untill 2003, when a dip in the market lead to a closure of the mill, and a loss of 150 jobs. Sad days, and to date, the chimney stacks still stand tall, with the wonderful backdrop of the Firth of Forth behind it. Unfortunately, plans have been suggested to flatten the mill and make it into housing. I personally, would love to see the Mill refurbished, and used as a museum for paper making. It’s too beautiful a building to kill, and I think it would be a dramatic loss to Inverkeithing when it does go. I think it should be protected, but I guess only time will tell.

Reliving my childhood

As I have said, I spent most of my life in Inverkeithing, and this used to be one of my favourite parts of the park. Originally these dark enclosures where used as jails. As a kid, I remember hearing stories about monsters living in them, and that if you spent too much time looking at their ‘home’, they would eat you. It added this sense of adventure to this area, and I remember sitting on the grass eating a ‘chippy’ during school lunch times.

It’s like looking into a black hole. When I was younger, it looked like it went on forever, but now I can see the ground. I must have had some imagination.

I also remembering racing my little brother up these stairs. It was great fun. Looking round it all, made me feel really nostalgic, and genuinely miss being a kid. It also made me realise how long it must have taken people to build the old walls and stairways, because they are all so unique. I mean, walls these days, tend to be made of exact size bricks, etc. Different sizes of normal rocks and boulders where used to make walls, and that must have been a lot more difficult.

Ok, that had slightly less structure, than I planned, but that’s what happens when I get excited about things.