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May Challenge: Doughnut

Well this is a rather fitting topic today. Ever since I bought my car, last year, it is like I enjoy throwing money away. Like, I do the most stupid things, and they are all avoidable. In the 11 months … Continue reading

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The Saving Problem

I read a thing somewhere last week, where by the age of 30, a person should have at least 3 months of their pay in a savings account. Safe to say, that at 32, I have nowhere near that much … Continue reading

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You don’t need to read very deep into this blog, to realise that I planned more for my life than working in a call centre. But, sometimes, what you need outweighs what you want. I still try and do graphics … Continue reading

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If I had a million dollars…

Would it change me? Someone asked me this over Formspring, and I thought I would take to my blog to comment about it. Mostly because I would like to go into the matter in a lot more detail than Formspring … Continue reading

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I will never be a successful accountant.

I forget to look at letters, and I always lose emails. Have just spent 45 minutes locating an email sent from the bank about them changing my online password. It is nice of them, but they should have told me. … Continue reading

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So I am trying to be conservative with ma cash. And whilst I don’t see it lasting very long, I decided to make a video about it all. What’s that? Two video’s in two days. BOOYAH SON! Yeah, probably won’t … Continue reading

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After a discussion with a friend at 4am this morning, via Skype, it has become apparent that I need a good idea for helping me get out of the monetary rut that I seem to be permanently stuck in. Obviously, … Continue reading

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