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Get To Know Me

Are you named after anyone? No When was the last time you cried? A few days ago, watching a nature documentary. I am a sap. Do you have kids? Nope If you were another person, would you be a friend … Continue reading

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These feelings are a cycle. They go back and forth. Sometimes, I feel inspired and happy. Other times, I feel like I am so lost. I think it is because as time is continuing forward, I don’t seem to be … Continue reading

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Climbing Back On The ‘Ole Horse

I am struggling with motivation. The writing and drawing that normally gives me immense pleasure, is not doing it so much for me. And it’s a hard thing to get round. Because I tend to feel uncomfortable talking about my … Continue reading

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Things Are A-Changing!

I am trying to change a few things over here. Which is why from today you can also find my blog at https://sueriot.wordpress.com, as well as ol’ Rgraphics. Everything else I run online, bar Youtube, all runs of the same … Continue reading

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28 Things I Imagined I’d Done By The Age Of 28 (but haven’t)

1. Have a relationship, where me and my partner are so connected, we are best friends. 2. Be employed as a Vet. 3. Be an artist on the side, because I want to, not for money. 4. I’d be trying … Continue reading

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Looking For Sue

I am the kind of person who has always thought for herself. Mostly because I have always spent a lot of my time on my own. Also, because I had no one to really ‘bounce ideas off’, I just came … Continue reading

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Absent Minded

It is easy to forget something, when you don’t deal with it at all. I haven’t been on-line much. Which is a bit of a lie, I was on sites like twitter, but they are updated through my phone. And … Continue reading

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