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Being ‘You’

Every day, we spend time with people, be it work colleagues, friends, family or even the person who serves you every morning in the super market. And, every person assumes you are being ‘you’, and that is what they judge … Continue reading

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Messy (Daily Prompt)

Never has a word fitted me more than the word, messy. Messy is my head. Messy is my bed. Messy is my life. Nothing ever seems to be in any order. And usually when I try to organise ‘things’ into … Continue reading

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Guilty of feeling bad

Right now, it feels like every time you read the paper or watch a news broadcast, something else horrible is happening in the world. Innocent people are dying every day. And it is awful. It can be difficult to relate … Continue reading

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An Afterthought

What happens after you achieve something that you have been working towards for a long time? It sounds like a silly question, but it is something I have been thinking about. I have been a person who likes lists to … Continue reading

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Sometimes I wonder how differently people see the world. I don’t mean what they actually are looking at, but what is their focal point? For example, the picture below, is a photo I took today. A rainy day in Dunfermline. … Continue reading

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Busy Bee

Everyone has those times, where you get so busy and hectic, that you get completely overwhelmed. It is something that happens to me regularly, and I find that it can really trigger my anxiety. I start losing my temper, start … Continue reading

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Depression Diaries: Working Away

Depression is a strange thing to live with. For weeks at a time you can be struggling to even get up in the morning. It never really lifts, but there are days where I can put up with it, and … Continue reading

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