Dedication Is Key

Sometimes, I am guilty of trying something, but not trying hard enough. This is never something that I do intentionally, I just have a short attention, and so go away to do something else. The hard thing is, as an adult who thrives on creativity, it can completely leave me flustered. And, when I am flustered, I become stuck and end up doing nothing at all.

I get inspired by everything around me, and love to create, but I feel that is part of my problem. I have so many ideas, and things I want to focus on, I can sometimes end up not focusing on anything in particular, or 3 things at once. This causes me a problem because, rather than completing one task at a time, I half-do lots of things. Which leaves me frustrated, and nothing gets completed.

Something that I need to focus on is learning to do one thing at a time. I operate best when I have a list of things that I have to work through. This way, I can methodically work through what I need to do, and get it all completed. But, this only works if I get round to making the list, and then focus on working through that list. Sometimes, I don’t even have the focus to do the one thing that actually works for me. Frustration isn’t the word.

I guess, that I need to actually dedicate myself to getting things finished. I mean, it certainly isn’t coming up with ideas that I am having a problem with, nor is it starting the execution of such ideas. I think I need to change how I feel about everything. Complete what I start, should be a new mantra of mine. And, I did start this blog about 6 hours ago, and came back to finish it, so it CAN be done.

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