Dedication Is Key

Sometimes, I am guilty of trying something, but not trying hard enough. This is never something that I do intentionally, I just have a short attention, and so go away to do something else. The hard thing is, as an adult who thrives on creativity, it can completely leave me flustered. And, when I am flustered, I become stuck and end up doing nothing at all.

I get inspired by everything around me, and love to create, but I feel that is part of my problem. I have so many ideas, and things I want to focus on, I can sometimes end up not focusing on anything in particular, or 3 things at once. This causes me a problem because, rather than completing one task at a time, I half-do lots of things. Which leaves me frustrated, and nothing gets completed.

Something that I need to focus on is learning to do one thing at a time. I operate best when I have a list of things that I have to work through. This way, I can methodically work through what I need to do, and get it all completed. But, this only works if I get round to making the list, and then focus on working through that list. Sometimes, I don’t even have the focus to do the one thing that actually works for me. Frustration isn’t the word.

I guess, that I need to actually dedicate myself to getting things finished. I mean, it certainly isn’t coming up with ideas that I am having a problem with, nor is it starting the execution of such ideas. I think I need to change how I feel about everything. Complete what I start, should be a new mantra of mine. And, I did start this blog about 6 hours ago, and came back to finish it, so it CAN be done.

‘Team’ work

I always thought there was.

I am currently taking part in 3 different projects, where in taking part in a team was essential. Because I have not organised any of these projects, there are obviously people taking part that I don’t know. Something I am fine with. I like getting the opertunity to meet new people, and get to know them. To be honest, it is one of the wonders of the internet. It brings people together.

The issue is, when you get involved in some kind of group project, you have to appreciate other people’s opinions and learn to work together. But there is always something that gets in the way. Usually it involves people trying to force their point of view across. I am a compromising person,  but it gets to the point where rather than the group being a collaboration, someone wants to be boss.

Usually ideas are fine, but it is when these ideas transform into changes. Changes that were never mentioned previously before the project started, but have suddenly became the main agenda, and causes a rift between the team members. People feel a bit taken-aback by how the original plan seems to be changing, that things are being taken over. They feel threatened, because this is no longer a bit of fun. Changes are ‘proposed’ and people feel out of place. Something that has started as a friendly project to bring people together, has become formal. As if it is a competition to push the project quicker than all the team members are ready for.

And if you feel it is like someone is making a change, and rushing ahead, is it right to put your feet down? Surely, that is why things are discussed. So that people can talk about things. And if someone is harsh, and gets a harsh reaction, who is in the wrong? Is anyone? As long as they can understand each others point of view, should there be any animosity? To make a change to original plans, all team members should be agreed on a particular idea.  And if someone percieves your idea as wrong, don’t run off scared when someone does oppose it. It’s give and take.

And that’s off my chest. 🙂 I always seem to encounter the same issues when I work in groups. Maybe I am just not fit for working in a team. -.- Has anyone encountered any issues when working with other people? What would be your advice on dealing with it?


Today is Notsome

I am stressing. Again!

I have stuff due in for Gillian, from the first semester, where I went all stupid, and didn’t hand things in :/

I also have to hand my Graded unit in for marking next week. The developement is where most of the score comes from, and do you want to know how much I have done? Absolutely sweet FA. 😦

It’s all my fault, I have been total uninspired over the last few days. Also next Thursday, I need my first animation finished, and all the paper work done, like my storyboards handed in, again, this is not done either.

So stressing out about that, and I come into work, to be told that my manager will listen to a few of my calls. 😦 I hate that, it makes me feel like everything I am doing will be scrutinised.

I suppose that needs to be done.

Hopefully I don’t fuck it up too much. ButI know me, and I probably will make a complete disaster out of it.

I wish I was at home.

Monday Monday

Hello. Another weekend has passed, and I haven’t progressed any further in anything.

I did a lot of thinking, and came up with the idea of starting a music blog, as if I don’t have enough to do. Its going to be filled with music news and recommendations.  I love music, so I thought that this would be the ideal way to spread some love. So done both the recommendation and News posts for today.
Check it out:

Also I have an article I am supposed to be sending into my works internal magazine. Its to try  and help raise the moral of people in the call centres. I think its is a fantastic idea, and am looking forward to seeing what I come up with. I think it is going to be written in a similar way as this. 

So I am going to vanish and get the 500 word thing typed up now, seeing as I have 40 minutes before I start my shift. And that will be one thing I can tick off my list as being ‘done’.


So, today was rather productive at college. Ok, I did sleep in again, but thats because it takes me till at least 4am to get to sleep. So when I do get to an unconcious state, I end up sleeping through my alarm, which is no good.

Anywho, handed in outcome 2 for vis com and worked on my Graphic Design sketch book. I feel happy with myself about that. Although I have been doing some work for my graphic design class, I am still way behind from where I need to be. Which is just bloody frustrating.Gonna try and do some more work for it tonight whilst at work, like between calls or something.

 Looks like its going to be another Freesat night, where customers call, and I can do very little. -.- Its very annoying, because I only have access to one system, and thats the one that runs the paid sky accounts on it. So freesat customers call and expect me to access their info, and I cant. Its annoying, and I can tell some of the customers are not happy about it. But its not my fault, I’m getting calls, I dont have the facility to deal with. I can order them new viewing cards, but thats it. Grrr

Also discovered my bus pass runs out next Tuesday, so I wont be able to get to college, and im gonna struggle with work too. *bangs head off wall* I never have enough money -.- So thats what I need, just as we are approaching project hand-ins, days off.

Hey there!

Hey. I’m Sue, and this is my new blog set up to document my life as a trainee graphic designer.

I am currently at Dunfermline’s Carnegie College, doing an HNC in Visual Communication.I am trying to start up my own business, and have been told that this site can be a good showcase, and way to document what I do.

I do already have a livejournal account, but it is a very private account, which I have had since I was 17, I am now 25.  So don’t really want to subject people to my teenage whining, about how hard my life was. When in reality, I was just being a grumpy teenager.

I am going to attempt to document what I do on a daily basis, with posts also appearing on my myspace . So check it out, although its not much too look at. 

I’ll start off with today at college I suppose. I had web design today, which to be fair, I am not doing too well at. The idea is that each member is to design a portfolio website for another member of the class. In theory it sounds easy, but because I have been doing other course work, I have completely forgotten how to set up a new website. Super fail, on my behalf.

The other project I was working on, is a design for ‘Create Not Hate’, a company who aim to stop violance amongst youths, and get them to be creative. They do this by getting people who work in the creative industries, to create projects and mentor the youngsters. I am really enjoying it just now, because its one of the projects I feel I am really getting somewhere.  Which is also great.

Also got feedback on how I’m doing in the project for the Crucible, which is a play by Arthur Miller based on the Salem Witch Trials. This is one project I started off really inspired by, but as time has gone on, I find myself less and less motivated too do it. Well, I was told today, that the work I came up with, is basically really bad, and flat, and not very me. I am a very messy person, and I usually try to encapsulate that in any work I do. I just seem to have taken way to much work, and am actually finding it hard to keep up with all I want to do.

You see, I want to reap the benefits of my work, and also have fun with friends. But I just can’t seem to get the balance right. I just end up making a complete mess of things.

But at least my tutor has faith in me, and she is wanting me to continue with graphics, and do a 2 year HND, which would benefit me in the long run. And it helps seeing that I don’t think I’ll be able to get much freelance work, thanks to the current economic climate. I mean people will take any free work I do, but not pay for a semi-professional.