It Just Goes On It’s Own

My imagination that is.

How is it, that I can be all inundated with creative thoughts when I am at work, but as soon as I get home and get stuff out, I have nothing. :/ This is something that has been happening for the last few weeks. And, if you have read this blog before, you’ll be no stranger to the fact that I don’t cope well with having no motivation.

I have heard that once you put too much pressure on something, it can become harder to do. So because I am trying to force myself to be creative, it is a lot harder to actually do. It was easy in college to blame the projects for my inactivity, but now I can do the projects that I want. I can design things in my own style. I should have this massive sense of creative freedom, now that I am freed from the boundries of education.

But I don’t. I just sit in my room and procrastinate about my failings in life. That is maybe how I am not so productive these days.

Procrastinate. That is the word of the moment. Because it seems to be all I can do right now. 😦

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