Trying to get used to using Google Chrome

I don’t think I like it. But I will give it a fair trial. Firefox seems to be getting a bit on the slow side, and is getting on my nerves a bit. So thought I would have a change. I think the whole ‘no options bar at the top’ is a bit strange, but its better than Safari. I think Google Chrome seems like a very ‘Apple’ browser, if that makes sense. It probably makes no sense, so I’ll move on from that.

I did do something healthy today (what is wrong with me?). Took a walk around Loch Ore, which is at Lochore Meadows, about 20 minutes away from where I live.

I know it doesn’t look very far here, but it is a 4 mile walk. Could feel the strain at the back of my legs. Mostly because they are not used to walking that far.

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Freelance designer, blogger, retro rebel, Nerdfighter, Ravenclaw and music enthusiast. I am trying to get myself established in the creative field as a Graphic designer. After a bit of a creative block, I am trying to be as creative as I can. This helps me find a sense of being, and has helped me become settled within myself.

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