People seem to get confused on what an opinion is. If you state an opinion, it is your thoughts, who is anyone to tell you whether they are right or wrong.

But also, whilst people have no issues expressing their own opinion, they can’t accept that there is other opinions. For instance, last night I had a converstation with someone about Hannah Montana. Now whilst this tween phenomenon is not to my taste, I can understand why kids may like it. Its a girl who goes to school, who has a double life as a famous pop star. To me, its not much different than seeing Clark Kent’s double life, and wishing that was you. To have a boring normal life, and then be all fantastic and exciting at the same time? I mean every kid has wanted something like that.

Now I’m not saying Hannah Montana is a superhero, but you can see what kids would see in her.

But this girl, kept on saying that the show was terrible, and all her fans would grow up to be whores. I find that a huge stereotype. Its like saying that all kids who listen to rock music are self-harmers. Its not true, and it is there to make people feel better about themselves.

Almost as if that girl needed to validate whý she didn’t like Hannah Montana. Why do people have such a problem in just stating an opinion, without making excuses for themselves.

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