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I am melting

I am a winter person. I have probably said that before. But I am. My body type is like a human radiator, sometimes. I rarely get too cold, always get too hot. Which means I am not sleeping, which means … Continue reading

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Take a Breath

Been needing to take time out recently. Stepping away from the stuff causing me to get worked up. It is a thing that sounds very straight forward, but you can easily fall in to the trap where you believe you … Continue reading

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Into The Woods

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Worse For Wear

I partied too much yesterday. I drank to much alcohol and ate too little food. It really is predictable how nasty I felt this morning. As a person in her 30s, you’d have thought I’d have mastered this drinking business. … Continue reading

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Counting Steps

In a bid to get healthier, I am recording what I eat as well as monitoring my physical activity. The aim of this is to record when I am doing well, to try and spurn me on to do more. … Continue reading

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Trying to get used to using Google Chrome

I don’t think I like it. But I will give it a fair trial. Firefox seems to be getting a bit on the slow side, and is getting on my nerves a bit. So thought I would have a change. … Continue reading

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