Happy Saturday

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. I was working some overtime today, and am glad that it is finished. What have I been up to? Well–

**I spent this week getting reaquainted with this game. Queue, death of doing anything priductive online**

**I found a painting app for my phone. Found it to be completely useless, so deleted it**

**Tried to get used to using Google Chrome, but still love Firefox too much**

**Facebook crashed, I laughed**

**Tumblr and Twitter crashed, I thought my life was ending**

**Lost another cover for my blackberry, and started keeping it in a sock so it wouldn’t get scratched**

**Shouted over phone at bank, for not giving me bank charges back**

**Cried oved phone at bank, when after 2 hours talking, we were no further to getting me my charges back**

**Watched way too much Frasier and South Park**

**Fangirled excessively over Tony Lovato pole dancing in Good Charlotte video**

**Got laughed at by Tony for doing so, which ended up with me sending him the video**

**Read the Pelican Breid by John Grisham**

**Finished reading some fanfiction**

**Started writing some fanfiction**

**Got embarassed when Ranger beat Dunfermline 7-2**

**Got excited when Dunfermline and Cowdenbeath both won**

**Started planning GC fam Valentines card for Good Charlotte gig in Glasgow**

**Started planning accomodation for Good Charlotte gig in Glasgow**

**Bookmarked website for buying ticket for Good Charlotte gig in Glasgow**

All in all, I enjoyed this week. More please.


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