What’s in an impression of someone?

I had a discussion online today, about people and how they react to someone they don’t know.

We are taught from a young age,  that first impressions count. But how tainted is your ‘first impression’ if someone imposes their judgement on you. For instance, Paris Hilton. I have had many chats with fellow Good Charlotte fans about Paris, and a lot of people think she is a stupid bimbo. But where do they get this idea from? I mean, they have never met nor even talked to the girl, but yet some will say they hate her.

Hate. Is that not a bit severe to describe someone you actually know nothing about. They get these impressions from tabloids and the 24 rolling ‘celebrity’ news. These are preconceived ideas about people, which are created to sell the idea of fame as if it were some product that could be picked up from the supermarket. So the hate people feel, is not for Paris, herself, because they no nothing of her true personality, and her behaviours, they hate the Paris which appeared in The Simple Life,  and still is in endless tabloids.

But, if hating someone blindly is wrong, so is loving someone surely. I mean love and hate are such extreme emotions, that you can’t feel them for someone we have never met. Is it maybe that we live in a society filled with extremes, that we can only describe things in extremes? Its like the whole obsessing over things ( which I am prone to) where a band, you maybe have never seen in real life becomes a main object of interest and your life works round your obsession. Love is a word, not that much different from hate, but you can openly love something, but hate is like a swear word. How is that fair?

So your childhood lessons of passing judgement is rendered useless by the input of other sources. How does this effect our judgement? It obviously does, because our enviroment is so busy, we can’t help but take in almost everything we see. And the way our brain works, is that it absorbs everything we read or hear. And what you absorb, effects how you make judgements about what you see.

So, I think that it’s the enviroment that you put yourself into, which decides how you judge others. As a child I used to be very judgemental, but as soon as people started judging me (e.g- was beaten up for ‘being a Goth’  for wearing a Green Day shirt), it effected how I thought about others. And I now, pretty much live by treating others how I want to be treated. And by that, I mean I make a conscious effort not to judge someone untill I have met them. It has led to me making more clear assessments on people, and in turn has made me happier for it.


And nonsensical ranting over. This is something that has been getting on my nerves lately.

2 thoughts on “What’s in an impression of someone?

  1. Well said! I’ve gone back and forth myself about the act of “judging” someone (both before I know then and also after I get to know them). It’s something that we do subconsciously and it takes quite the effort to re-train our brains not to judge “the book by the cover” however I do believe there is much value in getting to know someone before passing our judgements on them.

    Thanks for your insight!

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