Punk rock is not dead

If you are talking about the 70s and 80s where punk was publicised everywhere, then yeah, punk is no longer at that stage anymore.

The ideal of punk was that people stood up for themselves, that no matter what society may tell you to do, you only do what you want. Its the ethic that it is YOU that can change your life, not putting your life in the hands of other people.

And now that DIY attitude is in the public domain, it will never die. Punk is the kid brought up on classical music, who goes to see Coldplay in concert. Its the man who wears a bright tie, where his work has a strict dress code. Punk is the little girl wanting to be a singer, when her folks want her to be a doctor.

I suppose, it depends on how you look at punk. But, to me, after being a memeber of an active Scottish punk scene for the last 5 years, I can say that it definately isn’t dead. People all too often, seem to think that punk is just about anarchy and sticking it ‘to the man’. So when they don’t see the national media covering punk, they assume its dead.

Punk has ALWAYS been about being true to yourself. And to be honest, I hope that NEVER dies

2 thoughts on “Punk rock is not dead

  1. The way you word it, makes me – who has never listened to punk music in her life – sound like a punk simply because I am who I am and don’t take shit from anyone.
    I think I like this!

    1. Thanks for commenting, and glad you liked it 🙂
      This is how I view punk, and how a lot of the people I know, who are part of the scene, also feel like this.
      I just felt I should comment about some of the cliches

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