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Social Media Care

I remember when I started using social media, many years ago (in fact, 10 years ago), it was a place of excitement. It was new for everyone, it was filled with normal folk, as advertisers hadn’t really jumped on the … Continue reading

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Objective Silences

People will always say things, and do things that will get under your skin. Some things can really wind you up. And it can take all your power to bite your tongue and walk away. Facebook is a big place … Continue reading

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Bitched Out!

Being a girl, it is expected that you should enjoy the company of other women. I, personally, try to get on with everyone, and be easy going. Because that’s the kind of people I get on with. But sometimes, I … Continue reading

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Hating for hatred’s sake.

It doesn’t take any effort, nor time, to hear about hatred. It isn’t necessarily about there being more hate, just that it is publicised more. It is in the newspapers, on the TV screens and strewn across social networks. It … Continue reading

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Fight Club!

Isn’t it great when something goes your way? When all the naysayers get proved wrong and you can stand victorious, with your hands in the air. On the route to your victory, you may have been subjected to negative comments … Continue reading

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Content Error

Adding personality and uniform to my online self is hard. I find I am struggling to keep things interesting. I am currently in a state where I have so much in my head that I want to say, but I … Continue reading

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Can I hate you, cause you’re not like me?

The brutal truth of why most people act the way they do, is because other people are different to them. Seems a little obscene, but it’s true. No matter how much people bother about being ‘themselves’, they will always try … Continue reading

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