Is playing way too much Xbox

Bought UFC 2010 and the Sega Megadrive Collection.

I am trying to boost my GamerScore, because at 630, it is pittyful. And the SMC is perfect for doing that. I mean they have an achievement just for playing all the games.

Note: I know this isn’t that intresting, but I felt like I needed to update. *shrugs*

Puck Glee Look-alike

lol. He so does. But I have got myself hooked on Glee. Right at the end of the series. Yep, go me.

But I like that it is all about trying at something, no matter what your circumstances. And its that kind of thought which is helping me getting going about starting my own business *nods* So yeah, there is no bad positivity.
I still stand by the fact that it should just be a tv show, and thats it. Though I do truely think that me and Sarah should do commentry on the boys Kiss preformance.

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