Good news everybody

My website is online.
I feel so happy at this. I was panicking about it, but I was doing my usual of making things more complicated. This is something I have been planning to do for the last  few days, but due to me acting like an idiot nothing happened.

I was stressing that I wouldn’t find out how to upload the files to the web with in what little time I have left in college. Seeing as I am not coming back next year, I have decided that I needed to get it done where I could actually talk to someone about it.

I do need to actually point out that the site is not a completed design, and that I still have a lot of work to do on it. It is a base site, which is just basically a background with links on the page. Nothing spectacular. But, as I said I wanted to upload it, and I needed to do something, and that was made in the space of one day.

So I got the details to log into the server, I think its the server *scratches head* and it was uploaded in no time. So exciting seeing that I have my own site online. I was hyper for about 15 minutes.

I then, started thinking about a project I was planning on doing this summer. What it is, is that I am looking to do something focusing on music, as it means so much to me. What I am thinking of is doing an accoustic cover of a song, and record it on video, and also create some art work to go with it.  Its supposed to show the change I am going through, and to look at how music has played a massive part in who I am today. What do you thing? Good idea? Bad idea?

Speaking of music, been sitting listening to Hanson’s live album all day, in anticipation of getting their new album within the next few days. Been a Hanson fan for 13 years and counting.

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