Ok seriously?????

Cheers weather.

You seem to know I haven’t got a weekend right now, so you have decided to make it the hottest day of the year.


I have been doing my Riot Graphics logo all day, well for a couple of hours. I like it 🙂

I can see the ‘R’ being quite brandable, and I like that. I am getting my designs together for shirts as well, so they should be posted up here within the next few days before I send them off.  I have decided I want a few shirts with just my new logo on them, just to so that I can wear them.
Hence the reason, if you know me, this is posted everywhere.

So that I can see what people think. *sigh*

So if you view this blog AT ALL, or see the logo anywhere else, please tell me what you think about it.  I need to gage opinion before i get business cards and stuff printed out. Right, off to try and cool down for a bit, seeing as it is so so uncomfortably hot.


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