Being Inventive

The one thing that I have noticed, is that as a freelancer, or someone who tries to freelance, when you don’t get work, it is hard to keep busy. I don’t know if this has been a problem over the last few months. If I get no interest, I take it personal, because my work is such a personal thing to me. So, when I get no work, I feel like it!s because I have done something wrong. I haven’t, but the easiest way to get past these feelings, is to ignore the issue completely. Which I have done.

But I can’t carry on like this. So, I have been writing down ideas of personal projects, that I can take on, to help improve my activity levels. Hopefully, it will also make me feel better about myself and about my work. I always feel better when I am doing things, be it blogging or painting. Because I am using my time more productive, I hope that the positive change of my thoughts, will open the door to more possibilities.

That’s the PMA way of thinking, anyway. That if you experience more opportunities, then more opportunities will come your way. Or that’s the idea, anyway. I have a few ideas I am thinking of, so we’ll see what happens.

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and not a creature was stirring…

..apart from the poor souls working in a call centre. *coughs* Yes, apparently I have decided I don’t need much of a Christmas holiday this year, as I am working both the 25th and 26th. I am a bit of an idiot sometimes.

But I felt I should put that creativity into something productive. And that productivity was to make it so my domain name comes up with my wordpress blog. Which I cant do, because I have apparently forgotten almost everything to do with managing my site online. Which is so handy. I think I put off looking at it for too long. Mosly because I’m scared I’ll break it.

I need to get more confident with this stuff, because its the one side of things I am unsure of, and I refuse to take up any work related to it till I have a bit more confidence in it. But that is a good thing, because it means that I won’t be doing anything that is out of my league. And untill I am completely happy with the process, I don’t think I would be able to deliver something 100%. Work in progress, I guess.

Anyways, hope everyone has a lovely Christmas.

Ok seriously?????

Cheers weather.

You seem to know I haven’t got a weekend right now, so you have decided to make it the hottest day of the year.


I have been doing my Riot Graphics logo all day, well for a couple of hours. I like it 🙂

I can see the ‘R’ being quite brandable, and I like that. I am getting my designs together for shirts as well, so they should be posted up here within the next few days before I send them off.  I have decided I want a few shirts with just my new logo on them, just to so that I can wear them.
Hence the reason, if you know me, this is posted everywhere.

So that I can see what people think. *sigh*

So if you view this blog AT ALL, or see the logo anywhere else, please tell me what you think about it.  I need to gage opinion before i get business cards and stuff printed out. Right, off to try and cool down for a bit, seeing as it is so so uncomfortably hot.


I’m in overload

Sooo…progress from both sides today.

Got some more of Shaun’s website designed, and its looking a wee bit better. It has a welcome banner and everything. So kinda happy that is getting somewhere. But nothing else is. :/

It’s like I have so much to do, I don’t know where to start. Most of it has to be in on Monday, and to be honest, that is kind of an unreachable target. *sigh*

But, I spoke to Caron, my tutor, today, and she showed me a bit about where the exhibition will be, and it looks a good space. And she said that I could put a few of my t-shirt designs up. So I need to have them ready to be picked up for next weekend, so they can be put in the exhibition come Monday/Tuesday. So I need to get the designs ready to be sent in by next Wednesday, so I can pick them up on Saturday. And at the moment they are still being finalised.

Graeme, web design tutor, told me about a company called Be Your Own Boss, where they partner with Scottish Enterprise, and they help people get their business off the ground. So I sent them an email, in hope that they will be able to help me.  I hope.

Way too much stuff going on right now. My brain is about 3 different places at once. :S

Up and at’em.

Well I’m up anyway.

I’m sitting here, still trying to get this design theory done, and what do I do? I decide to open up a website. I was sitting around last night, and I was thinking that I need to do something different, get an actual piece of the internet, that’ll represent me completely.
And that’s when I thought of Psychobabble. The word itself means, something that may only make sense to one person. And that’s kind of representive of me in general.
The word itself came into my head, when I was walking home after a dead end shift on Kana, which is the Sky Help Centre, where customers can email in, rather than phone. It was everything from, ‘you bastards for not refunding me for a box office i never watched, but never told you there was an issue till now’, to ‘I am 18 and want a job in your Uddingston call centre in Glasgow’. But it was a nice break from ‘my sky isn’t working cause there’s snow on the dish’. Ugh. SO anyway..,I was thinking I need a way to get out of this job, so really need to jump on the whole freelancer, lets get my own work thing.

And thats when I started thinking about what kind of website I would like, well it would be slightly crazy and bright. The reason I am starting on the website is because whilst I have limited knowlege on building a website, I have no idea how to get a domain name, etc. So that’s the main point of this. I learn more when I just work through things myself, so thats what I’m attempting.
See how it goes.

Its something I have NEVER done before, so it may all go dramatically wrong. But I’ll never know if I don’t try. So wish me luck.
In the next coming days, the logo will be done, and I’ll be getting hosting and domain name sorted, hopefully.

Slow Progress

It feels like every thing I am doing at the moment is, two steps forward and one step back.  Which is not the way this is supposed to go.  I am getting there with everything, but I’m just not getting as far on as I would like. But saying that, I am so easily distracted its unbelievable.

Tonight, after work, I would ideally go home and get all my animation prep work done and dusted. But i know what I am like, and I will end up going home and watching a dvd, or playing the Xbox. I love DVDs and I my Xbox, but when I need to be concentrating on work, I have the habit of wondering off and doing my own thing.  Something irrelevent, and that I shouldn’t be doing.

I do have this job that I am working on now, which should be getting done this weekend, sending the band information about my ideas by friday, and sort it over the weekend. That will make me really happy, as this is freelance stuff. And helps build me a portfolio. Something I really need to work on. Gonna work on my drawing skills too. I love drawing, and really wanna get back in the ‘zone’ and do a painting.

The band I’m designing for are called Devil’s Angel, and they are a Canadian metal band. I already have ideas in my head and if I can execute it well, all will be good. I hope. I will sketch ideas out tonight and try and post them.


I know, I say that I’ll post all the time. But I will do it when I get home.