A Cliff To Climb

I am still making steady progress on the mountain of work I need to have done within the next week. Today I completed 3 pages for Shaun’s website. AND I finally managed to get a contact form sorted out, with the help of Paul.

So I have a bio page, which is just going to be writing, so I am planning that tonight at work, and will type it up when I get home. Then I have the portfolio, which will be done using ‘lightbox’, a javascript item, which gives your site a pop-out gallery thing. I have done Lightbox before, so I’m not really that worried, I will just fill it in with different colours untill Shaun gives me any images he wants to be in it.

So, that is a major unit, pretty much done. This one is important, because I know I have to design my own site, and get it online over the summer. So its good to know, I have only really come across one bump. And that was getting the contact form to display on the desired page. But that was more me, putting the wrong size for the container box (25555 px wide, when the site is 1028 px, d’oh). So yeah, me and Dreamweaver are good pals right now.

Going to be busy this weekend, need to try and get my t-shirt designs sorted and sent to the print shop, for pickup next  Saturday.  So yeah, get one thing done, but its not even a dent on what I still have to do. :S

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