Sue the Vlogger Blogger


The world of Vlogs is an intresting one. One where you could lose hours of your life, just observing those around. Yes, youtube has destroyed whatever life I tried to have outside the interwebs. *d’oh* Basically, everyone knows I am addicted to blogging. Well vlogging is worse. I mean I make videos so that I can see the improvements, and because I really like talking about myself.


I find it hard telling people things face to face, so I write about it. And call me strange (no, in a minute not yet), buuutt it is a lot easier talking away to my camera, than it is a real person. (OK, now you can call me strange) I think its because when you tell someone something face-to-face, you have to see their reaction.  And if you post a video explaining something on youtube, you can kind of psyche yourself up before you see their comments. And I think thats why vlogs and sites like Youtube are so popular. And finding someone that understands you, also helps.

I find myself always on here or youtube, and I crave to see what people think. But that is kind of stupid, because I could just tell them whats on my mind, rather than stalking facebook to see  if anyone ‘likes’ my link to my new vlog. Oh well, its how I roll. I guess.

The good news is that I am on the market to get a deccent video editor,  other than windows Movie Maker, because it annoys me. Ideally I’d be using Adobe Premier Pro, because it is so easy to use. But, alas, I can’t afford it, so am stuck using the package which came with my computer.  Any suggestions, send them my way.

I’ll be so thankful, I may even create something in your honor.

Yep, I am in need of a decent video editor. Maybe its not that the software that is fail, so much as it is me.  Seeing that I have only ever made 1 other video, other than the stuff I have uploaded on my channel. Maybe it will get better.

*crosses fingers, clicks heels three times and wishes apon the brightest star that my videos get a lot better*

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