Motivation Such An Aggrivation


Because I am so addicted to Youtube at the moment, I have decided to link one of my other projects to it. For my final animation I have to do something for my website, a short animation which runs for like 20 seconds. What I decided to do was do an animation entrance into my website, and actually use it as an #intro’ to my Vlogs on youtube.

I think that will be a good idea, and it does make me want to go and start this now. Also , I have talked about before, how I had to do an animated e-card, and I was going to do it on Beltaine (the fire festival). Well, it was too hard to get it the way I wanted it to look. So I decided to swap the holiday to Halloween. Mostly because I was getting so frustrated that I was not wanting to even look at the stuff.

So this should make this a bit easier. I am already further ahead than what I was on my old animation. It features a cat, and a pumpkin, and I KNOW it sounds really cliched, but its something easy to do. And because I am scrapping my old one, and I have to hand it in by Monday. Thats about 4 days to do a whole animation and re-do all the planning.


But it has me excited over the fact that soon I could have a full animated intro to my Vlogs. *Yay*

Other than my animation, I am now designing Shaun’s portfolio site as part of my web design unit. I have done his banner for his site, and I’m going to hopefully start laying it out sometime over the last week. But at the moment I am sorting out his images, and getting all the content ready, so I can just go straight on and build the site. So things seem t0 be starting to move on that front.

Good times. 😀

I just have to hope it stays like that. *crosses fingers*

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