Happy Friday everyone.

I have had a fantabulous week this week, and kind of pretended that I had a life. It was a nice change from just doing things online. The thing is, I tend to spend more money when I am out, which can be not so great. Can never win with me, I always find something to complain about.

Anyway, been sitting becoming addicted to more and more Vlogs (Video Blogs) via Youtube. I guess I like watching and taking note of how people express themselves when they talk to a camera, in the hope that I can pick up some pointers. Its the only way you learn anything like that, I guess.

So check out my second proper Vlog. Its maybe not perfect, but I had fun making it.

Its comforting to see that most of the Vlogs I have been watching, started of rather like mines. *Phewww 🙂 * So at least that’s a positive.

Random find of the day

Its an R2-D2 bin. I mean, I used to watch the orignal Star Wars trilogy ALL THE TIME, so I cannot say how excoted this has made me.  This wonderful little thing is from things for smart masses *yeah I loled at that*. You get a full sized one or you can get a desktop one.  Its is priced from $39,99 (£25.99) to $99,99 (£64.97). I really like them, and I have bought things off this site before. So check it out. Link to purchase R2-D2 is .
So have an enjoyable Friday folks, I am away to earn money to pay my bills. So ciao xx

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