Total Crabbit

Everything about me today, just screams out ‘leave me alone’. I mean my mohawk, Dr Martins and chains just scream out niceness. I’m just in a really bad mood. I couldn’t sleep last night, and think I eventually got some sleep around 5am. I need to get up at 7, but because I hadn’t had much sleep, I slept straight through my alarm, and woke up at 9.10. I started at 9. So I got up, got ready and went for the bus. Found out that some bill I forgot about came out my bank and I am left with £15 till the end of the month. So no happy.

I just wanna lie in my bed and never wake up. I hate this bit, because my medication was changed yesterday, so I am kinda at the point were my old meds are stopping working, and my new ones haven’t kicked in, yet. It irks me rather badly. So I am sitting at the computers in college listening to music and just being in a wee world of my own. Thank god for my ipod, its really good at giving me noise to filter out the voices in my head.

I’m kinda wanting to do work for my graphic design project, but I left it all at home, just fantastic isn’t it? So I am dreading what is round the corner for me, as I have a feeling this will only get worse. *sigh* But thats just ne and my immense positivity at the moment. The thing is, I am just so not in the mood for any shit. I don’t need much of an excuse. It doesn’t help that the three most distracted people in the class came around me and started fannying about, so I gave up and went onto facebook, and started FishVille a game where you buy, sell and raise fish. :/ Yeah when I need distracted, obviously anything will do.

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