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Seeing every hour on the clock. It’s annoying isn’t it? When you are in bed, but your brain won’t shut down. I usually go to bed to sleep between 11pm and midnight. Which allows me time to get what I … Continue reading

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I am sleepy. But, as life should never be as simple as I would like, I can’t sleep. Well, I do eventually go to sleep, but I may only sleep for a few hours a night. Which is not good … Continue reading

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Fighting Sleep (BEDA)

I never seem to sleep enough hours. It’s recommended that you need 7-9 hours sleep every night, but I get nowhere near that amount. It’s not that I am awake at all hours, it’s that i am restless. I don’t … Continue reading

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Sick Day

I am currently on a sick day from work, thanks to a canteen breakfast and a dodgy stomach. I am an awful person at being ill, there are tears, snot, moaning, all the kind of thing that makes me great … Continue reading

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Total Crabbit

Everything about me today, just screams out ‘leave me alone’. I mean my mohawk, Dr Martins and chains just scream out niceness. I’m just in a really bad mood. I couldn’t sleep last night, and think I eventually got some sleep … Continue reading

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