Firday the 13th

Isn’t Friday the 13th supposed to be unlucky? I’m asking because today has been an alright day. I woke up to having £2 in my pocket, so I raked my room and found another 8 pound coins and a heepload of change. So I took the change and went to Asdas and put it in the change counter machine, where it counts all the money you have, and gives you a voucher you can spend on store for the value of the change ypu give it. Well I got over £19. So I went into Asdas and got beer for Sarah’s party tomorrow, and left in Dales car, as he is picking us up tomorrow to go to Hill of Beith.

Gonna be well good, actually quite excited about that. No had a drink since Halloween, and even that wasn’t very much.

Also Death Note is on Film4 tonight. 😀 So happy at that, I am going to order the DVDs, but it’d be nice to see them first. The films are based on a manga series, which I love. ❤ Its about a guy who finds a notebook, called a ‘Death Note’. It has been dropped by a shingami (grim reaper) called Ryuk. Once a name is written in this death note, if the writer has their face in mind, then they will die. It is really quite good, and I am reading my way through the manga as well.

So unless work is diabolical, its been a rather nice Friday the 13th

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