Today is Notsome

I am stressing. Again!

I have stuff due in for Gillian, from the first semester, where I went all stupid, and didn’t hand things in :/

I also have to hand my Graded unit in for marking next week. The developement is where most of the score comes from, and do you want to know how much I have done? Absolutely sweet FA. 😦

It’s all my fault, I have been total uninspired over the last few days. Also next Thursday, I need my first animation finished, and all the paper work done, like my storyboards handed in, again, this is not done either.

So stressing out about that, and I come into work, to be told that my manager will listen to a few of my calls. 😦 I hate that, it makes me feel like everything I am doing will be scrutinised.

I suppose that needs to be done.

Hopefully I don’t fuck it up too much. ButI know me, and I probably will make a complete disaster out of it.

I wish I was at home.

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