Monday Monday

Hello. Another weekend has passed, and I haven’t progressed any further in anything.

I did a lot of thinking, and came up with the idea of starting a music blog, as if I don’t have enough to do. Its going to be filled with music news and recommendations.  I love music, so I thought that this would be the ideal way to spread some love. So done both the recommendation and News posts for today.
Check it out:

Also I have an article I am supposed to be sending into my works internal magazine. Its to try  and help raise the moral of people in the call centres. I think its is a fantastic idea, and am looking forward to seeing what I come up with. I think it is going to be written in a similar way as this. 

So I am going to vanish and get the 500 word thing typed up now, seeing as I have 40 minutes before I start my shift. And that will be one thing I can tick off my list as being ‘done’.

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