Caffeinated Technology

My Blackberry decided jump in my breakfast coffee. Something that is awesome as it caused the screen to stop working. Again. RIM, I have a question. If something happens to a Blackberry why is it always the screen that stops working?? No other phone I own is like that.

So, the poor little Bold 9700, is now in a Tupperware box of uncooked rice, after I found out that is a good way of drawing moisture out of the phone. I have heard of the logic before, but I have no idea how it works. If you search online for help, like I did, the rice idea is the most popular, and most basic fix available.  But, as long as you stay away from the hair drier (makes condensation in phone), leaving it for a few days should get it back on track.  I hope.

I am sceptical of this working, but I have it on good authority it works. So I hope it can be saved, and I’ll have him back working in a few days. I hope.  I love it how I am always broke when things like this happen. -.-

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