Recommended Ap: Word To Go

I am typing this up on Word To Go, for Blackberry. I have to say it is a very smooth application, and is really coming in handy with all the blogs and scripts and things I need to write.

The text is very clear, and is a relatively good size, which is awesome, seeing as a lot of apps have very small writing as standard. Which can make using it rather difficult, because you need to go and edit things before you even start writing. The main reason I am trying a word processor on my phone is because I felt it would be better in that sometimes writing things online or through another app, can sometime lead to things being slow. Also, a lot of other applications don’t have a great spell check. This has an awesome one, so it means when I post something, it is at least written correctly.

I also got this app to help prepare for video blogs. I have recently been trying to find away to script my vlogs on the go, as I haven’t been spending a lot of time on my PC. I guess, I thought it would be nice to write down ideas, as I got them, because I have a habit of forgetting things. So I acknowledge something is a good idea, and then I forget about it. Which is not the best way to work.

Word To Go is installed in most Blackberry smart phones as well as apps similar to Excel and Power Point. It is great having these applications to hand. When you first access the software, you are given the chance to edit existing files or to upgrade to premium so that you can create new files through your phone. That premium edition costs a one off fee of around £8.00 and is available at

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