Technological Necessity

I feel ashamed.

Why, I hear you ask.

Well, I have to admit at how much I missed my Blackberry Bold. I had to send it away to get repaired, when the screen got a pressure fracture. Well, I don’t think that’s the actual term, but that’s what I am calling it. It seems like pressure had been applied to the screen, giving an appearance of ‘dead pixels’ on the screen. Something I have never experienced before, so I panicked. I decided that although I could still see the screen and use the phone, that I would send it away to get fixed, before the phone became unusable.

This mean I had to return to my previous phone, which was a Nokia slide thing. The thing about having a smart phone, is that you take it for granted that you can send emails, post blogs, access Facebook, et al, all without the need for a computer. Well, returning to a phone which doesn’t even have internet access makes you feel like you have lost a limb. You have to revert back to doing any business through a computer. Which if you are used to just sending quick email replies to people, is a major pain.

I think I feel so bad, because I feel like I have become such a slave to technology, and how much I need it. The thing is, I didn’t even realise it happening. I tell myself, I keep it up because I crave contact with people all over the world. That by networking online, I can help my business. Only, it doesn’t really help with my business. As said before, apart from minor spurts of inspiration, the most creative I have been lately is writing on this very blog. And even then, it is not like I am breaking any boundaries, I just seem to be spouting verbal diarrhoea everywhere. I think, I am getting to the stage where I am making excuses.

But why should I have to make excuses for letting technology help me? Isn’t it a good thing, that so many aspects of our lives can come together so seamlessly, thanks to just a few small devices. I think it is AMAZING, that objects can make us feel like we are closer to people, and are helping us achieve things. I think that there is still a stigma attached to technology, where if you use it a lot, you have no life. But rather than the user be demeaned, it is the mocker who is not willing to open themselves up to try new things. Is it because people are afraid to admit that they like the assistance that having something like a smart phone can provide? That people still want to fool others into thinking, that they can do things on their own?

I don’t know. All I can say is that I am glad to have my Blackberry back.

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