Imperfect Hero

When I was younger, I had this obsession about a boyband called a1. They were a band who had some success through Europe and Asia in the early 2000s. I loved this band, especially the baby of the band, Ben Adams. Where I think most of the attraction was that he was only 3 years older than me. It was one of the first times, I ever felt that someone my age, could do something, like become a pop star. They were no different from any other pop band, which were EVERYWHERE in the pop scene in the UK at that time. There was Steps, S Club 7, Westlife…and lots of bands who were proud to be pop. Whereas now, calling a band pop, is like giving them a curse. But it was all good, innocent music, which I am sure a lot of other people I know will admit to liking.

But this illusion I had was shattered, when I realised Ben Adams has his own blog. I felt I should check it out. I don’t know why I did, maybe it was just curiosity. But I found no grammar, no anything. I mean, there was no full stops or capital letters. It was a mess. And bang went any respect I had left. I mean, sure, write if you want, but at least make an effort for things to be readable. I know that I am not the most articulate of writers, and my grammar is mostly pot-luck, but at least I try. I mean, I enjoy writing, which I why I do this. To see someone who I used to adore so much, be so thoughtless in what he is posting, kinda left me gutted.

I guess that is one of the things about any person who inspires you. You only see one aspect of that person, and your brain engineers them to be something perfect. And you end up thinking that this person won’t ever do anything wrong. But they do. Or, they do something which seems wrong to you, and that is your illusion and perception shattered. And once you start thinking like that, they will never have the same status to you again. And, no matter how much you have moved on, you will always be crestfallen, that the person that you admired was never the person you thought they were. And you want to know, how much of the things you thought you knew about this person was lies. Lies just to get you, and many other little girls, to connect to a person which was sold like a product.

The guilty blog is here. And as you can see, there is no use at all for capital letters. -.-

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