Watching Paint Dry Kinda Life

And I’m not kidding.

The very few pieces of opinionitive dribble I can post online is barely enough content for a Tumblr post, let alone a legit blog post. So, I have stayed away. Been stressing out over things which don’t work. Like technology, which as usual, has decided itself, that I do not require it to work. First it was the Blackberry screen breaking, then it was the Sky box perma-No Satellite Signal-ing. So I got fed-up with technology and just watched American Dad instead.

Except, I quickly became bored, so I left the computer alone. But most people haven’t noticed an absence, thanks to that wonderful thing known as a Tumblr queue, which makes it seem like I am NEVER offline. Basically my Tumblr Blog( here) is made to post 17 things in a 24 period. This means I can go on Tumblr in bits and just add things to a queue, and Tumblr will post till it runs out. Pretty straightforward, and pretty much the only reason I have the appearance that I am always online.

Other than confusing people, who think I never sleep, it has no other real purpose. It just allows me to bookmark things I like, and have a few sentences of rambling without feeling guilty that it isn’t a proper blog post. To me that is the point of Tumblr, and by any means, it is a perfect introduction to the world of blogging. So if you have started a blog before, and are struggling to keep it updated, start a Tumblog, and use it’s many tools to get you into posting regularly. Saying that, I don’t feel right lengthy blog posts on it. Maybe it’s because I have about half a dozen other blogs that I should update first.

And I think that I update 2 on a regular basis. Which is a rather appalling success rate, come to think of it.

Verdict: This post contained the word blog too much.

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