Feeling Good

Feeling very good and motivated about myself this week. And as such, I have taken the route of preparing a few posts in advance. This is something that has worked for me before on Tumblr. As I found that I am experiencing fits of inspiration at the moment. Which is great when I have days that I want to do everything and feel so motivated. But then, as the week drags on, I just want to watch TV and not deal with anything. I become lazy, and nothing gets done. And it is the same every week. So, as I have been feeling motivated, I thought I would try and use the queue post feature.

As said before, this is a technique I employ regularly on Tumblr, when I want to post loads, but also don’t want to bombard people with my useless ramblings. So, I write my heart out for 2/3 posts, on various topics, and schedule them to post on different days. Whilst, to some people it is considered a cheats way to blogging regular, I think it is an essential tool if you have a busy life. It means you can relax knowing that your blog is being updated regular, and you are not stressing about creating different content. Because if I do blog when I am work, it tends to be the same old piece moping about my shitty mental health issues. Which is necessary sometimes, but it gives a rather one dimensional view of myself. Something I don’t like. I do care about what kind of image I portray through this blog and other avenues, and I think that poor planning is why it has fallen a bit flat.

Hopefully if I can set out certain days for doing certain things, I will get more time to do what I want to. Because, all that happens is that I look at all the stuff on my ‘to-do’ list and freak out. It seems an unmanageable amount of stuff to do. But, by focusing a few hours or so on doing a few bits at a time, I can focus completely on another task. And it makes me feel oddly in control of things, rather than things being in control of me. I wonder, if other people use queue-type techniques when it comes to posting online, and whether you think it helps with your work load.

Watching Paint Dry Kinda Life

And I’m not kidding.

The very few pieces of opinionitive dribble I can post online is barely enough content for a Tumblr post, let alone a legit blog post. So, I have stayed away. Been stressing out over things which don’t work. Like technology, which as usual, has decided itself, that I do not require it to work. First it was the Blackberry screen breaking, then it was the Sky box perma-No Satellite Signal-ing. So I got fed-up with technology and just watched American Dad instead.

Except, I quickly became bored, so I left the computer alone. But most people haven’t noticed an absence, thanks to that wonderful thing known as a Tumblr queue, which makes it seem like I am NEVER offline. Basically my Tumblr Blog( here) is made to post 17 things in a 24 period. This means I can go on Tumblr in bits and just add things to a queue, and Tumblr will post till it runs out. Pretty straightforward, and pretty much the only reason I have the appearance that I am always online.

Other than confusing people, who think I never sleep, it has no other real purpose. It just allows me to bookmark things I like, and have a few sentences of rambling without feeling guilty that it isn’t a proper blog post. To me that is the point of Tumblr, and by any means, it is a perfect introduction to the world of blogging. So if you have started a blog before, and are struggling to keep it updated, start a Tumblog, and use it’s many tools to get you into posting regularly. Saying that, I don’t feel right lengthy blog posts on it. Maybe it’s because I have about half a dozen other blogs that I should update first.

And I think that I update 2 on a regular basis. Which is a rather appalling success rate, come to think of it.

Verdict: This post contained the word blog too much.