Now, I know I am not the most distinguished writer, but I like knowing that I am making an effort with grammar. Even if I misplace a comma, or incorrectly spell a word by mistake, I don’t mind too much. And I think, that if you spent time learning how to write and spell, you should put what you learned into practice. But, I really, really can’t stand people who purposely type badly.

I mean, they know how the words should look, but they don’t actually write them out correctly. What is it that makes people want to make themselves appear utterly stupid. It is an insult to their education, their teachers and the parents, that they refuse to even try to spell.

Maybe it’s because I spent a lot of time online pre-facebook, and also didn’t use it for gaming. I guess, I spent time writing a lot of reading and writing fiction online, and that I started writing like that for anything I do. Also, because the most popular site is Facebook, people use it as an extension to their mobile phone and message each other in text speak. The common excuse is that, with texting, you are limited to so many characters, so people shorten words, etc, so that they can say more in every text message. Fair enough, but do you really need to continue it onto other services you use?

Not too long ago, I was accessing an email that was sent to me for work. And the email was just text speak. No vowels, no punctuation, and really hard to read. This was something about work. I was horrified that someone sent it out to someone that they want to work for them. I mean, what is the chances the person will be reliable if they refuse to write in simple sentences?

Maybe, it’s me that’s wrong. But I know a few people who have this problem.

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