A Little Tuckered Out

Seriously, exercise is harder than people make out. I walked 5 miles today, which is a slight increase of my 0 miles a day.

Scotland enjoyed a beautiful April day, where me and my mates walked along the Coastal Path. It helped me realise how lucky I am to live somewhere, where I have the opportunity to enjoy the countryside so close to my home. I think its easy to take our surroundings for granted and not appreciate them.

Anyways, I kinda hurt right now. My body isn’t used to being used so much. My feet, back, legs and head are sore. To be honest, it would be great just to go an lie in my bed.

At least it’s the weekend. Which is awesome. Although I am sure that it will go too fast, as normal.

playing– Good Charlotte- The Truth
mood– a little ill
Pokemon black badges-1

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