Holy Moley?!?

Trying to cut down on swearing. *nods* For no real reason, just felt like I should be acting a little bit more respectable. I’m not a child anymore, curse words shouldn’t be all that funny anymore.

Accept I find them hilarious and fart jokes hit my funny bone spot on. So I am never going to be as mature as I pretend I want to be. To be brutally honest, I don’t particularly want to to stop acting like a child. I mean, the few things I do, which are all about living as an adult (working, paying bills, actually dealing with things) are pretty over-rated. So I am quite content living in my bubble of perpentual adolescence.

But seeing as cursing is something that I do a lot, I figured ‘it’s just a few words’ so I decided to try and stop swearing. *shrugs* Can’t be that hard right? So far I have failed miserably, and am still cursing and everything. But part of me is thinking, why should I stop swearing. They are just words after all. It’s not the actual words that are offensive, it’s the thought processes people have connected to them.

And to be honest, right now, it seems like it would a lot easier to change the thought processes of the whole world, compared to not dropping the F-bomb.

Yeah. Fudge. It’s nice, you should go get some. 😉

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