Picking Up Speaking Habits

So where do you get the small characteristics in your speech from?

Don’t be confused, I don’t actually mean behaviour traits. Because they tend to take years and years to develop. I am talking about little words and phrases you pick up from people you talk to  or from people you watch .

What made me think of this? Well,  I have been watching Nat’s Community Channel videos on You Tube, and I have noticed she says ‘bro’ a lot. I then noticed me using it in conversation. And, I’m no Australian funny girl, so when I said it, I was met with that kind of uncomfortable silence where you start looking for the tumble weed.*sigh*

So some words don’t exactly suit every person, nor every situation. But hey, if you try out a ‘new word’ don’t be disappointed if you get a few laughs because of it, because there is usually at least one reason people in Scotland shouldn’t say ‘Bro’, especially when talking to a girl. :S But it is always interesting, because sometimes words to catch on. For instance ‘awesomesauce’, I heard from Canadian youtuber WaffleJon. And, it has been used by other youtubers, and now is used widely by people all over the place. And awesomesauce never gets so much as a chortle. Probably because it is AWESOME!!

So yeah, I am guilty of stealing words and phrases from other people. *nods* And I’m pretty sure it comes from something in childhood, where all kids would play the same game to fit in. So if someone you fancied at school said something cool, you would start saying the phrase, in a bit to fool yourself into thinking that you were close to said crush.

What? That was just me? Dunno what you’re talking about, because I have never done that. *cough*

I guess it is just how people are, they do pick up little things form those around them. And because speech is the most common way of communicating, it’s no surprise we adapt what we say. Pretty cool, when you think about it.

Want to know if anyone reading this, has any words they seem to have started saying as a direct influence from someone else. So let me know, bro.

Na, that is never gonna seem cool no matter how many times I say it.

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