Resolve to blog?

As it is a new year, people resolve to do things such as blog. It is the same as attempting to keep a diary when you were at school, except it has moved onto the world wide web, so anyone could see what you are thinking. This is something which is great, because I feel that blogging is such a great way to express yourself. It helps me do the job that my paper journals have done for years. In fact, my more personal blog over on Livejournal, reaches it’s 6th birthday this year, and this blog is approaching it’s second birthday.

Which gets me onto something rather irritating. People who are starting blogging, for no other reason than they think that they will be able to make money out of it. Like if they start posting mulitiple links to YouTube in a day, it is a good blog, and they deserve web traffic because of it. Why, though? I mean, I am all for promoting music you like to the world, as music is really one of the best ways to express yourself. But, is posting 8 videos posted by someone else in 1 day, really make you a blogger, or just a rehasher?

Maybe its because blogging is such an important thing to me, and it is something that I feel has helped me personally. I have never, ever blogged for anyone other than myself, and use it to express myself. I mean, I know people who have started blogging, when they hate writing. Is that not like watching a Lost marathon, when you hate TV. It makes no sense to me.

Most people, have not got the energy to work at improving the quality of their blog, and to then frequently update it over a long period of time. It is a nice new thing at first, but if they don’t get comments and visitors, they lose interest. This pisses me off. I worked hard, to make sure that I can express myself the way I want to, and put a lot of thought into what I post. And to know that someone thinks that posting a football score is a blog post, kinda makes me feel a little ill.


Maybe I treasure blogging a little too much :/

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