Happy New Year!

A rather delayed new year bloggery postings, mostly due to the fact that I thought I had posted earlier. *facepalm*

I guess this time of the year is celebrated because it is traditionally when you look forward, to speak of hopes and dreams you want to achieve within the next 12 months. Although to be honest, why should we only do this on the 1st of January, surely this should be something that every person does on a daily basis.

I guess, thinking about it, you need to be in the right state of mind to be ready to deal with the future on a regular basis, as stupid as that sounds. It is a lot easier for a person to deal with something that has already passed by, that way you can critique to the point that you hate your own existence. How is it possible that purposely berating our own actions, becomes something that comes easily. That shouldn’t make sense.

It is almost like a case of burying one’s head beneath the sand. It’s refusal to accept that we are accountable for how our own life pans out. So rather than confronting the unknown, most people dwell on what has already happened, blaming what’s already happened for their current stance in life. But they don’t see, if they look forward, on more than one yearly occasion, then they would find that their life would become more manageable. But it is hard for someone to look ahead, if they feel they have already had a rather shit time of it. It’s almost like, people get too scared to look ahead, in case life becomes worse than it already is. Truth be told, if you are dwelling on the bad things, life certainly isn’t going to get any better.

Anyway, I guess I should speak of what my hopes are for the next year of my life, in a rather clichéd fashion. Well, I am going to try to not be too specific here, because I am rubbish at sticking to things, which would render this whole thing pointless. I suppose, the only thing I really would like, is to show those around me how grateful I am for them being in my life. That includes everyone I know, be in online or IRL, because I have had a few struggles a LOT of people have helped me out with things. I just want to say THANK YOU, and for them to really feel it.

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