It’s Harder Than You Think!

When you decide on attempting to start your own business, you will find yourself inundated with warnings about how difficult it will be. Most people, will be like me, and think that the received advice is a little bit over dramatic.

But, after 6 months of trying to get money and collect a plan worthy of successfully lifting a business off the ground, I am not really any further forward. It is hard, without having someone help schedule things, to actually get a decent volume of work done. I think that is what I am finding the most difficult thing, being able to keep up momentum.

I think I also miss the contact that I received with people trying to also find a good channel for their voice. Apart from the obvious coursework that was at college, it was a good forum for discussion and friendship. I guess that’s what I hope that this blog will do. Updated regular it gives a good idea of what me, as an author and an artist, have to say to the world.

But, I will keep on trying. At the moment my blog is the only thing that is updated regularly. This is because it is something I can update easily, where ever I am. I have also started an actual paper journal, which is good for helping me sort my thoughts. This is something which I’ll be able to use as reference material for pieces of work. Hopefully.

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