How Dare You Call Yourself Misfit!

Today I had the misfortune of intercepting 5 guys in tracksuits who were starting to beat up a girl. This was a 15-year-old ’emo kid’, and the guys seemed to be in their early 20s. The girl was getting called every name under the sun, and when I asked the boys what they were doing, the guys said something about ‘the freak deserving it’.

Now, the guys cleared of as soon as I approached them, and the girl phoned her mum to come and pick her up, so all ended fine. But, you may be wondering why I focused on the difference in style between the girl and the boys. Well, seeing as the girl was picked on for having black hair, dark clothes and dark make-up, I felt it was an apt observation. But, I feel I should point out, rather than Chav Vs Emo, I was disturbed because these were adults attacking a minor. It made me sick, and people should NEVER resort to needless violence.

People always make judgements on others, depending on what the person is wearing. Whilst, like every outsider, I am one who loves to put the blame onto other people, (‘It’s them who are judgemental, not me.’) its never entirely someone else’s fault that they jump to conclusions. What can a person expect, when they call THEMSELVES a misfit. A misfit, by definition, is something unusual, something which doesn’t fit or suit it’s surroundings.

I hear many stories about people who hate that they are judged as different, when the only differences they have are aesthetic. A lot of these ‘victims’ already call themselves ‘misfits’ (or what ever buzz word is deemed alternative and cool that week). So they can, call themselves different and unusual, but when someone else does it, it’s bullying and harassment.

My view is, that if you want to stand out, in whatever sense, then you need to expect judgement passed. Okay, people shouldn’t judge people based on how they look, but that isn’t something that will change overnight. If you want to have UV Pink hair, understand that some people may look on it negatively, don’t let it knock you down, but don’t play victim about it either.

The other thing that bothers me, is the ’emos’ who hate on neds/ chavs/ jocks. The people who cry if someone says My Chemical Romance are awful, but will berate those they deem more popular than them. I think the basis of this behaviour is jealousy. Who wouldn’t be jealous of the person with loads of friends, and who gets invited to endless parties? In all honesty though, if you berate someone, you need to accept it back. Intolerance is a two-way street, and just because someone wears track suits, does not make them a bad person.

People wish to look a certain way because it gives them a sense of identity, and helps them fit in with those they class as their peers. That never changes. Whether you work in an office, go to school or work in a tattoo shop, you will always dress to fit in with those you seek approval of. Now, dear reader, please don’t get all self-righteous and tell me you ‘don’t answer to anyone’, because there is someone you want to like you. It doesn’t matter whether it is your boss at work, your friends at the pub or that girl who you share a glance with at a party. It is a part of a persons nature to make themselves appeal to someone.

Me? Who am I to preach? Well, I am just a girl with turquoise hair, who is looking to share what it has taken me almost 25 years to fully understand. I have been both the judged and the judgemental, and can say that if you accept that you are one, then accept the other, because they both go hand-in-hand.

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