Hello 2019.

The start of a new year, already? It’s pretty scary how time just seems to fly by, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. It’s important to make the best of whatever time you have, and that includes relaxing.

This year, I have a few things I want to sort out.

1) Finances- I pretty much live payday to payday, which is pretty sad. It’s no way to live life, as you can feel permanently broke. So I am planning on setting up my bill payment account, and I won’t be able to touch the money that goes into there. It’s going to need a bit of discipline, but I am aiming to spend a lot wiser next year, and hopefully save some money.

2) Be Healthier- I am very unhealthy. I do a lot of walking, but I eat so much crap. This year is about progress, so I want try and move a little forward with my health. It includes eating better, and doing more exercise, as well as looking after my mental health. My mental health was awful last year, and it was like a brick wall that stopped me from doing so much. I want my health to stop being such a burden on my own life. So more ‘body positive’ and self-care in the year ahead.

3) Read More- this sounds a pretty weak one, but it’s important. I have always read, but last year I really struggled. Reading is something I need to have focus for, and I haven’t had the focus. So I am going to try and put time aside to relax and read to unwind.

It’s not a lot. But they are things I would like to achieve. The start of a new year always feels like a fresh start, but it’s not really. It does feel like a good opportunity to push myself to be better, but every day should be like that. But, it psychologically feels to close off a year, especially if it feels like a bad one.

Let’s see what 2019 has in store.

Just Do It

A lot of people seem to believe that good things happen to those who wait. They pray for opportunities and constantly plan for a career that is just a pipe dream.

There is nothing wrong about dreaming for a better life. Hoping for
better can get you through a tough time. But remember if you want something you have to get the wheels in motion YOURSELF. There is no point saying you want to do something, if you are just waiting for things to happen without taking any steps yourself.

Do your self a favour and start making things happen. They more you do, the more things will change.

It’s 2012

The end of the world is this year. So make it the best year you ever had.

In fact, if you think along that logic, of making the best of 2012, just because it may be the end of the world. The truth is, your world could end at any time. You may not wake up tomorrow, you could be hit by a car on the way to work.

Sounds morbid, but you REALLY never know how long you have left on this planet. So, you should go out and make the best of every minute you are alive. I think that people should push themselves to the max every day. Noone wants to be that person who dies sad, or reflects on their life upset at what they could have done.

It is normal at New Year to re-evaluate where you are, and what you have achieved in the last 12 months. This, more-often-than-not, leads to a depressive sigh of disappointment, as we wreck our minds to find ways we could make the next year more of a failure. But, there is no really want to  change, most of the time, it is like we create a list of tasks, just because we feel guilty because our lack of achievements. The whole concept of breaking resolutions is a bit of a cliché. Why make a resolution, if you know you are not wanting to achieve your target? Don’t say you want to lose weight, if you don’t want to.

The main reason that people fail, is because they  have no real want to achieve this task in hand. And if you force yourself to pick up something new, then it is more likely to make you quit, rather than start loving it. Don’t be hard on yourself, only make a change you have passion to keep to. Change is hard, but if you want it, you can do it. Doing something because you feel that it is something you need to do, not because you want to, is lining yourself up for failure.

So I wish you all a happy start to 2012, and hope that you do things that you want. If you are happy and feel content, it will spread to other people who. Joy is contagious, so make 2012 the most joyful yet, and live every day like it’s your last.

Happy New Year!

A rather delayed new year bloggery postings, mostly due to the fact that I thought I had posted earlier. *facepalm*

I guess this time of the year is celebrated because it is traditionally when you look forward, to speak of hopes and dreams you want to achieve within the next 12 months. Although to be honest, why should we only do this on the 1st of January, surely this should be something that every person does on a daily basis.

I guess, thinking about it, you need to be in the right state of mind to be ready to deal with the future on a regular basis, as stupid as that sounds. It is a lot easier for a person to deal with something that has already passed by, that way you can critique to the point that you hate your own existence. How is it possible that purposely berating our own actions, becomes something that comes easily. That shouldn’t make sense.

It is almost like a case of burying one’s head beneath the sand. It’s refusal to accept that we are accountable for how our own life pans out. So rather than confronting the unknown, most people dwell on what has already happened, blaming what’s already happened for their current stance in life. But they don’t see, if they look forward, on more than one yearly occasion, then they would find that their life would become more manageable. But it is hard for someone to look ahead, if they feel they have already had a rather shit time of it. It’s almost like, people get too scared to look ahead, in case life becomes worse than it already is. Truth be told, if you are dwelling on the bad things, life certainly isn’t going to get any better.

Anyway, I guess I should speak of what my hopes are for the next year of my life, in a rather clichéd fashion. Well, I am going to try to not be too specific here, because I am rubbish at sticking to things, which would render this whole thing pointless. I suppose, the only thing I really would like, is to show those around me how grateful I am for them being in my life. That includes everyone I know, be in online or IRL, because I have had a few struggles a LOT of people have helped me out with things. I just want to say THANK YOU, and for them to really feel it.