TGI….Dead Internets?!?

I think I am going to need to purchase a new router. Which is upsetting news to someone on relies on the web, and has no money. -.- Things like this always happen when I have no money. Always, without fail.

And as always, it’s not till you don’t have something, you realise how much you need it. So after using the web to do everything, even playing racing games on the Xbox, it’s always a shock when it isn’t there to use at your convenience.

I would imagine that would get worse if we all end up working on the ‘cloud’, which is what looks to be the future. What is the cloud? The cloud, from what I understand, is online space where you store applications and files, and eliminates the need for any real hard-drive on a PC. This is something that I find unsettling, as it’s like you don’t get physical ownership of products, things are just online rather than securely in your own PC.

Everyone can ‘use the cloud’ so what happens if someone is a bit of a bugger and uploads a virus. Surely it has a chance it could damage a lot of people’s personal things. It would be way more expensive to fix than an infected website. And what if you, like me, are unable to access the internet, do you lose everything. Will phones, like the Blackberry I am using now, be able to easily sync up to the cloud, or will I need to by something authorised by Windows?
And what if, someone does access your personal data, how easy will it be to sort out? Will the real owner of the data be able to identified, especially if they use public computers?

I guess this is something we just have to watch and see what happens. In a way, I do see why it would be good, but I like the idea of everything being under my control. I feel that the cloud owes too much to other parties, and the more people involved in something, the more complicated things tend to become. I say that from experience.

So, what do you think of the cloud?

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